• LaTia Russell, LCSW

    is a wife, mother, licensed clinical social worker, co-captain of a multi-generational household, amazon best-selling author, and co-author of “Live in Color” a positive affirmation coloring book for children, created with her 4-year-old son and husband. LaTia has a B.A. in Psychology from Hampton University. A Master’s of Social Work degree from Loyola University-Chicago. You can find LaTia traveling & dodging being kicked in the head from the demonstrations of her 4-year-old son’s acrobatic stunts (according to CJ, he is a real-life Ninja…his Ninja skills have not been vetted). LaTia and her husband have created Ties That Bind Publishing, LLC, their family-owned and operated publishing agency. They can be found at tiesthatbindpublishing on FB, IG, and Twitter!


    My Books

    Bravo The Brave Butterfly (Signed Copy: $12.50: tax & S&H included).



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    ‘Bravo the Brave Butterfly’ by LaTia N. S. Russell, William Russell III, and William K. C. Russell, is a beautifully illustrated children’s book. It follows the story of Bravo who wanders away and ends up getting separated from his family. Laced with several lessons, the story ultimately sends the message that no matter the odds or obstacles one is faced with, it pays to be brave, resilient and stick it out! Enrich their knowledge bank with amazing butterfly fun facts,

    Originally illustrated to entertain and educate, this book is a must have for anyone who loves butterflies and kids.

    And who doesn’t!!!


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    Resilient Black Women Who Are Shaping The World With Their Faith

    (Signed Copy: $25.00: tax & S&H included).

    Life will knock you down, run you over, and force you to question your worth daily. Your response to the adversities that are sure to come will determine your quality of life.


    In STAND UP! we recall pivotal moments in our life where we chose to get up, dust off, trust in our personal relationship with God, and persevere in faith through turbulent times. As Resilient Black Women, we have endured heartache, rejection, betrayal, loss, abuse, abandonment, slander, and hardship and still we rise. We rise like a phoenix from the ashes to create a new legacy, one that inspires love, hope, forgiveness, compassion, and healing.


    In the pages of STAND UP! you will experience a renewing of your faith that will motivate you to heal and find the true meaning and purpose of your life. You will be reminded that you are never alone and that YOU can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens you. And you will discover that your RESILIENCE allows you to shape the world with your faith!

    Live In Color (Signed Copy: $10.00: tax & S&H included).



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    Live in Color is a positive affirmations coloring book for children, jam packed with affirmations. The positive affirmations in our coloring book are the focal point and that is by design! There are some affirmations that repeat themselves because we believe in the power of repetition. We are especially proud of the messages on the last several pages of the book, meant to empower every child who colors and reads the pages!

    Finding Joy In The Journey Vol. II (Signed Copy: $25.00: tax & S&H included).

    Have you ever found it hard to find Joy Amid life’s trials and adversities? Well, you are not alone! Ninety phenomenal coauthors give a real talk about love and healing in “Finding Joy in the Journey VOL 2”. Providing Tips and Tools for Healthy Ways to NAVIGATE THROUGH ANY DIFFICULT SITUATION! Through these stories, each author demonstrates that while education, money, and professional achievement can certainly play a role, true JOY goes deeper than material possessions and accomplishments. Every journey is unique-no two people’s journeys will be exactly alike, but we can learn from each other. Get ready to laugh and cry, sometimes all on the same page!

    Grace Permitted (Signed Copy: $15.50: tax & S&H included).


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    is a 52-week gratitude journal for Moms who deserve every bit of Grace! The journal is designed to help moms create a space for Grace, so they can take a few intentional moments throughout their day to acknowledge & celebrate every single achievement (big or small), and project intentions for the next day. As moms, we often forget to include ourselves when we are extending grace throughout our day. Grace Permitted provides a space for you to: ★ Set your intention. ★ Complete a mid-day check-in. Reflect upon your day. Project your intentions for the next day. By the end of the journal, moms will have created a safe space to allow themselves access to Grace! Remember, Grace is permitted, and you deserve it!

    Let's HEAL (Signed Copy: $12.00: tax & S&H included).


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    Let’s Heal is a 120-page, writing journal notebook with 54 inspirational quotes to promote growth can healing. The journal is designed to give free space for those using it, to put their thoughts, feelings, needs, and wants on paper. Journal with purpose! ◆Inspirational Journals are EVERYTHING!◆ ★Are you searching for healing?! ★Do you journal to help ease your anxiety or other mental health symptoms? If so, this journal is for you! The inspirational quotes have been thoughtfully and intentionally placed to help inspire you to keep writing. Let's Heal is multi-faceted. It's a journal for whatever YOU need it to be! This journal is like the perfect pair of blue jeans, and we all need a pair…or two! ◆Journaling is good for the soul, do it daily, make it a routine, get copies for your family and friends because there are areas where we all can use some healing!◆ At the end of this journal, you will have found a safe & brave space for growth and healing. Now, go get your heal on!

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